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 Traveling Steps is a “new” born company based in Pamplona.

 Maybe not that new…

 It was 1989 when this project started. It was the moment when our city welcomed its first tourists. Back then we created a small local tour guiding company. In a few years, our guests made us grow from just guiding in Pamplona to guide all around Navarre, Basque country and la Rioja.

Years later, we had to create another company to manage the “running of the bulls” bookings. It is a world of its own!

 Now, after COVID 19, the world of tourism has changed drastically. We are creating TRAVELING STEPS to help our guests discover the real Spain

If you believe that the word “tourist” is something from the past, you are one of us! Now we talk about TRAVELERS. The difference is enormous. A traveler is not a client, is a guest and a friend. A traveler wants to learn about a culture, experience and, especially wants to feel part of that culture.

 Nothing makes us happier than sharing our passion for our land, its traditions, festivals and gastronomy. This is what we already do at our local guiding company, and now at Traveling Steps. We want to share the best of Northern Spain through the eyes of a local. Taking you to the places only locals visit, eating only where locals eat and sharing stories only locals know.


Join us in this Insider journey of Spain!


This is sure to be the beginning of a lifelong friendship!


Fran Glaría

Get to know “the boss”


The first time Fran crossed the ocean was back when he was 14 years old. He felt in love with planes, airports, and specially with that strange culture he visited. He realized that although everything was different (the houses, the cars, the food, the language, even the ball to play football was different, it was not round!) kids just wanted the same as he did. Teenagers wanted to play with friends, spend the day in a pool and sneak some junk food from their parents. No matter how different the culture is, we are all searching for the same things in life. By the way, that “strange culture” he visited was the USA.

Now as a grown up, he believes that traveling is about experiencing the culture, the traditions and the history of a country, and is not just checking ticks out of a bucket list. When Fran travels with his family, he loves taking time to settle and embody the roots of the culture they are visiting.

Being born in the north of Spain, means that he is a foodie by birth. His side of the world provides the best fish, meat and veggies from Spain. To top all of this, the terroir, provides not only with the best veggies, but also with the best grapes that create some of the most exciting wines in the market. If you like food and wine, you are in Fran´s team.

Fran´s guiding life started 20 years ago as a local guide in the city of Pamplona. In 1999 he created a company that guides all over the Basque country and Rioja wine region. In 2012 he joined the Rick Steves team. This was a life changing moment. He learnt from Rick´s philosophy, the way to approach a culture, the truth and values of Rick and his company. 

Fran is deeply in love with his home country Spain. He wants to welcome guests who are willing to experience and travel like an insider and become travelers, not tourists.

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