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With this events, you will get to understand the way we are in Spain.

What about if you can not travel abroad? Do you want to learn about an specific topic from the confort of your computer?

We offer VIRTUAL  CLASSES AND TOURS for private hire and for groups. 

We also provide Travel Consulting Services to help you efficiently plan your dream holidays to SPAIN and the BASQUE COUNTRY. Each session is $100/hour and is based on a survey a questions your submit in advance to best make use of our time together.


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Francisco de Goya painted as well the lights of the court of King Charles IV, as the shadows of his own soul.

Let us discover for you the two sides of this master of Spanish painting.


In the middle of Spanish Civil War, the village of Guernica was bombarded. This horrible event, inspired Picasso to paint this mural.

We will try to put some clarity in this chaotic anti-war icon of modern art.



Once Juses Christ died, the twelve Apostles were in charge to spread the word of Jesus around the world.

Let us discover for you how Saint James came to Spain.

What our guests say 


This has been a real eye opening tour. Now I understand where I come from.
It feels incredible to be part of this uncestral culture.

Eskerrik asko!!

S. Ibarreche

I am so overwelmed by the beauty of the Basque country, its incredible gastronomy, the wines, but specially I feel overwelmed with  the culture and the people.

This has been a life changing tour!

R. Eseberri

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The 5 best San Sebastian Tapas bars

The 5 best San Sebastian Tapas bars

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Café Iruña in Pamplona

Café Iruña in Pamplona

At the end of XIX century Pamplona was a small town ready to grow. The economy was boosting, modern times were coming, new ideas spread coming from Europe. It was the moment to watch and be watched. This is the moment when fancy cafes all around Europe were created as...

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