We’re doing our best to make Traveling Steps an environmentally friendly company. Let´s try traveling green!

What will happen if pollution continue growing at this rate?

The rubbish is already a tremendous problem for our planet.

That’s why, at Traveling Steps we feel it’s time to take a stand and do something to prevent this issue from snowballing out of control. There is no time to turn every company into green companies.

Everyone must do something.

Every business – big and small…

Every bar, every restaurant, every café…

Every little bit counts.

We are all responsible for taking care of mother nature. We need to preserve our planet green, for the next generations.

Our commitment for traveling green

traveling steps traveling green

Traveling Steps has started implementing several measures to help us keep Planet Earth green

1/ We are minimising single use plastics
At Traveling Steps we have recently signed a contract with all our suppliers to minimise the use of plastics.

So, when you join us in one of our tours, we will try to be plastic free. Please keep in mind that we are trying our best, but sometimes it is almost impossible to be 100% plastic free.


2/ We are reducing printed paper usage

We used to share all types of information in printed format: schedules, timetables, tourist information, recommendations, maps…
Can you imagine the amount of paper that all of that represented?
Instead, at Traveling Steps, we’ve found alternatives to printing information that will help us save trees.
Now, we are encouraging our guests to take pictures of all our posters, maps, etc. and reminding you not to carelessly use and discard paper.  



3/ We are changing our cars to hybrid models
While Spain is adopting 100% electric cars rather slowly, at Traveling Steps we are doing our best.  We have shifted to hybrid models for our private cars, and we are still in the search of a reliable green company for the use in our tours.Hopefuly we will find one soon!


4/ You book one tour, we plant 30 trees on your behalf

Finally, one of the most exciting green measures we’ve taken recently!

We are proud to announce that we’ve signed an agreement with One Tree Planted, an environmental charity that keeps on doubling the number of trees planted year after year.

In 2019, alone, they reached their record, planting more trees than ever before – 1.3 million!

Traveling Steps will be planting 30 trees through them for each tour you book with us. So, thanks for planting a tree!!!

You might be wondering, why 30 trees? Scientists say that 30 trees are needed to offset the carbonmonoxide produced by round-trip flight from America.


Please help us plant a complete forest.

one tree planted
one tree planted 2

help us work for a greener world


Have you started planning your Spain experience?

Make sure not to leave it till the last minute. Please keep in mind that our tours have a very reduced number of guests, so we get booked up pretty quickly!

When you do, remember –only trust suppliers who truly care about the environment!

Let’s all work together to preserve this amazing planet!

traveling steps going green