Every three months I try to write an update on the COVID situation here in Spain.

The vaccination rate is going super well, we have 86% of the population with the double shot and 51% with the buster. Starting this week people with health issues will get their 4th and hopefully last shot.


One of the things I want to emphasize is that when I say 86% of the population has been vaccinated I mean people who are over 5 years old. So, as you can see almost all Spain has been vaccinated. Although we still have about 10% of the Spanish population who are 100% against the COVID vaccine.


Regarding the Omicron variant, it seems as if we are starting to win the battle. After a terrible Christmas season when we reached 3500 new infections per day, now we have come to a point where we are just under 750 new infected people per day. The good thing is that barely nobody needs to be hospitalized and our ERs have just a 12% of occupancy.  Just in case anyone doubts about the efficiency of the vaccines, I want to point out that 70% of the people in ER have not been vaccinated. Just saying!


As the numbers are going well in Feb 10th we had a new set of rules regarding Coronavirus restrictions:


– We are not required to wear masks when we are outside and we can have a secure distance of 1.5 meters (5feet) between us.

– Bars and restaurants can serve food at the counters.

– Concerts, sport events, etc… that take place in open air stadiums do not have a restriction in capacity anymore, but masks are required.

Children in school can remove their masks when they are in the school’s open-air spaces. When in class, masks are required and windows have to be open.

– In most of the regions, the curfew for bars and pubs is 2:00 am. I love this one?

Traveling to Spain?

If you are planning to visit Spain, I really recommend you to take a look at this official website where you will find all the info you need to enter Spain.  It is called  Travel Safe, it is very well done, as you just have to choose where you are coming from and they will give you a list of the things you need to bring in order to be welcomed in customs at the airport.


One of the things you will be required to fill in 24 hours previous to your flight is the  SPTH (Spain Travel Health) certificate . Please complete the file on a computer, it is easier. You can also do it on your iPhone or Android mobile devices. You will need to upload your triple vaccine certificates  and your flight number and seat.


I guess we are about to be normal again, let’s all travel wise and stay healthy.


Please let me post again the COVID rules in Traveling Steps.

We are only going to work with vendor’s whose staff has been fully vaccinated. All our drivers, waiters, hotel maids, etc. will have to had their 2 shots.

We will also follow the rules regarding where masks have to be worn.  At this moment, it is required to wear masks in any closed space, except in restaurants and bars when you are eating. This means that when we are in an open-air group activity, masks will not be required, but the moment we enter a museum or a church, our guides will make sure that you have your mask on.

We will only welcome guests who are fully vaccinated. This has probably been the most difficult decision to be taken. I know you are in the right to not be vaccinated, but in order to protect my team and especially my guests, it is going to be mandatory to present your vaccination card before you book a tour with us. There is yet another reason to ask for your vaccination card. Here in Europe there are many restaurants, bars and sights that require you to be fully vaccinated in order to walk in. 

To make it totally clear, you will need to prove that you have been fully vaccinated in order to book any trip with Traveling Steps.

What about if you get COVID while on tour?  Let’s hope that this doesn’t happen, but if you feel bad and test positive, you will have to leave the tour. Money is not refundable, so please get yourself a good travel insurance. As you can imagine, we will help you as much as we can, but the tour has to go on.

Thank you in advance for your comprehension and cooperation. We can only win this battle if we are all together in this!