This COVID 19 has changed many things in the way we relate to people. It has created social distancing. Has made the world wear facemasks, now we don´t get to see facial expressions any more. I hate all of these things. I guess I am very Mediterranean, and I need human contact.

Tourism in Covid19 times

traveling steps sarah murdoch

It is clear that the tourism world is in mayor change (let´s not say mayor CRISIS). There are too many open questions that no one can answer yet:

is it Ok to fly?

What are COVID 19 regulations on each country?

How do I book a ticket for a museum? 

Can we join a group of 20 people?

After talking with some friends who know about this business, we have come to the conclussion that we all need to travel, but certainly we will travel in a different way. I personally believe that once it starts, it is going to be better than before. We will not have massive tourism any more. 

This means no long lines to enter the Vatican Museums. Not fighting for a picture with the Mona Lisa. No waiting under the sun to visit the Sagrada Familia. What about cruise ships? are we going to see the end of those huge boats?By now, they are not allowed to stop in Venice anymore.

I guess we have to change and we have the opportunity to change to a better tourism.


Talking with sarah murcoch

One of the good things that COVID19 has brought to the world are ZOOM reunions. It is such a great opportunity to share our homes with people from all over the world. This past month I had the opportunity to join my friend and colleague at Rick Steve’s Europe, Sarah Murdoch, in one of her amazing “Travel Talks”. We have been talking about Spain, bullfighting, running of the bulls and much more.

If you want to watch our, over the ocean, talk click on this YOUTUBE LINK. I hope you have fun with it and learn a little bit about Spain!!

Follow Sarah`s social media. She is the best!!!! 


FaceBook: @adventureswithsarah

Instagram: adventureswithsarahm

Thanks Sarah for hosting me at your YouTube talks. I can´t wait to see you and share a glass of Rioja wine.