One of the treasured memories from the time I lived in the USA ?? has to be Thanksgiving. You have to understand that for us, Europeans, this celebration is just something we watched on TV. According to Hollywood, Thanksgiving is either the weekend to present your girlfriend to the family ?‍❤️‍?‍?, or it is the day to have a disastrous dinner…. That is all we knew about it!

Then I arrived in the USA and I lived the real thing. What an amazing celebration! OMG, all the cooking that goes into it: the turkey?, that delicious stuffing, what about the gravy?  And that incredible pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream? You know how much I love cooking and eating, that was a dream coming true!

After everything was prepared, the family started to arrive. My host brother, who I met that day, made it home just in time for Thanksgiving dinner, he was serving in the military. The twin nieces from Kentucky came and brought the most incredible pecan pie ?. Even our recently widowed neighbor came for dinner. It was incredible! It was really a day to be thankful.


Here in Spain this Thursday will be a normal working day, but as I know that for most of you this will be a very special day I want to share with all of you my gratitude ??.

First of all, I want to thank each one of you who has been following me on Social Media . Knowing that you were there has given me the courage to do all the live tours. I remember one year ago how stressed I felt the days before I did my first virtual tour. Really thank you so much for your support, thank you for being there, for your likes, your shares and your amazing tips. By the way I have just found out that PayPal has not been sending my thank you notes to each of you who has shared a tip with us. So please accept my apologies for this and thank you so much.?‍♂️

Second, I would like to thank three amazing friends who have become my mental support these two long years. Jorge, Liz, William there are no words in this world big enough to thank you. You know how much I love you ❤️, without you this would have not been possible.

Third I want to thank my best half, my partner in crime and partner in cooking, my dear wife ?‍♀️. Thanks for keeping up with me. UFFFFF what a couple of years! I know it has been easy being around me this time, I promise it will be back to normal.

To finish, I want to thank COVID ?, yes you have read correctly, I want to thank this virus. Yes it has killed millions of people, yes it has stopped the world, yes it has scared the hell out of all of us, yes I hate it, I hate it from the deepest part of my heart. But thanks to COVID 19 I have been able to create my new company. I have found courage to start a new adventure, I guess I needed the push of a global pandemic.


My dear friends THANK YOU so much for being there❤️❤️❤️.

All my love



PS: Here is a great song of  the Chilean artist  Mercedes Sosa, the song is called “Gracias a la vida” “Thanks to life” ???