When we talk about food tourism, to many people the first destination that comes to their mind is San Sebastian. It is the city in the world with more Michelin stars per capita. You have probably heard about Arzak or Berasategui

But if you don’t have 300€ to spend in one of these gastronomical experiences, you can head downtown and go for tapas.

Here is my selection of the best 5 tapas bars in San Sebastian.


My all time favorites


Txepetxa Pescadería St. #5

Please don’t say you don’t like anchovies until you try the ones from Txepetxa. They are simple, fresh and not bonny at all. They come over a toast and have different dressings. My two favorite ones are the one that comes with Spider crab and the one with Sea Urchin.

By the way, they will not be displayed on the counter, they have a wax replica of the tapas to show you how they look, but you have to ask them over the counter. They speak good enough English.


Gandarias  August 31st St. #23

The biggest problem with Gandarias is to choose only a few from all the incredible tapas that you will see on their counter. OMG! Everything looks and tastes incredibly good. To make your decision even more complicated, let me point out that you should order over the counter a “solomillo”. This is a small sirloin steak cooked to perfection. Well, cooked to perfection according to Spanish standards. We like our meat a bit less cooked than most Americans. 

If you want to eat a proper meal and sit down on a table, they have a great restaurant at the back. It is not cheap, but it will be worth your money.


Atari  Mayor St. #18

Right in front of Santa María Church you will find Atari, one of the most emblematic tapas bars in the city. Locals and foreigners know about the excellence of this bar and it is always packed, but one of the great things is that you can get your glass and your tapa and seat at the steps of Santa María.

There is one thing I really recommend you try, it is their “Octopus”. I know you think you will hate it, but trust me, this one you will love. As it comes with boiled potatoes, grilled onions and the most amazing sauce, it can serve 4 people.

Their wine selection is also superb!


La cuchara de San Telmo  August 31st St. #28

Here everything is Pinchos Calientes and they will be cooked for you, so you will not see any mind-blowing displays on their counter. In fact, you will almost not be able to see the counter. Maybe the biggest drawback of La Cuchara de San Telmo is the lack of space.

I love their “oreja de cerdo” (pig’s ear) and their Cotxinillo Lechal (roasted suckling pig). But also the Risotto is amazing and the Cod fish is incredible. Almost everything here is fantastic.


La Viña  August 31st St. 3

This place is world wide known thanks to their amazing Basque Burnt Cheesecake. It really is out of this world. It is not too heavy, it is creamy, sweet…. just the perfect ending for a tapas crawl.

One serving (5 €) is good enough for 2 people. If you are on your own, you can ask for half a service.

We have La Viña’s real Basque Burnt Cheesecake recipe. Check our cooking class!