Let me make this clear, if you are a girl you should stop reading this article right now. This post is not for you, this is for the men in your life. Thanks for sharing with them. We are going to be talking about male beauty products.

Hi guys, don´t you think it is about time we normalize the use of cosmetics for us?

Here are my basics, with these ones, you are all covered!

One soap for all your body

traveling steps allepo soap

When you stay in hostels, many times there is no shower gel. If you buy one, most of the soaps are liquid (not a good idea if you are going to fly). No matter how small you buy it, you end up throwing away half the bottle. The solution is this hard soap.

It comes from the city of Aleppo in Syria. It is 100% natural and has no added perfume, colorants, etc.…  As it is oil based, it hydrates perfectly. 

There are two extra things I like about it:


– when you wash with it, it has a strange smell that disappears as soon as you rinse it. This way your cologne will smell the way it is supposed to smell.


– It is totally hypoallergenic and super soft with your skin. This means that you can wash “all” your body with one soap… Yes guys, use the same soap for the face and the…. It is OK, girls, you shouldn’t be reading this anyway. LOL

forget “gold finger”, now it is “golden eye” pads


This is pure vanity, and it works!

Whenever I do an over the ocean flight, what shows how tired I am are my eyes. I get the biggest under the eye bags you can imagine.

These golden patches for eye bags are the perfect solution. In just 15 minutes you will look like you have slept for 10 hours. I have no idea what is in there, but who cares.

One tip, if you put them in the fridge, they work even better

Miracles exist!


beauty traveling steps pads gold

What the F–k is this?

traveling steps top beauty

Don´t “shine bright like a diamond”

My wife started using this brand (Biologique Recherche) four years ago. From week one she has been trying to convince me to test it, a couple of years ago I gave it a try, and now I am the number one fan.

In just two simple steps, your skin will look perfect. It clears any redness or pimples. It even softens wrinkles.

First you clean your face with the milk VIP O2. I do it in the shower, so I don´t forget. Once you dry your skin, and before putting sunscreen on, you apply the P50 magical liquid. If you have shaved it itches a bit, but in 10 seconds you are ready.


Just in case you are in the mood for experimenting, don´t do it. The P50 is only for the face… I have tried it somewhere else and it is not fun…

There is a but about these products, it has to be the price. They are not cheap, but they last forever. One bottle (8 oz.) of either product lasts for one year and it costs about 150$ each.

At this point in life we all know we have to wear sunscreen all day long, no matter if it is winter or summer. I used to hate wearing sun screen until I found this one by “Neutrogena”. It is high protection (SPF 70+) and water-resistant.


The important thing is that it has a soft texture that is easy to apply. Once you put it on, it is not shiny at all, and what is even better, it doesn’t run into my eyes. I hate when either of these things happen!


If you like to practice sports, it works perfect. It  doesn´t melt with sweat. And it works perfect if you are an ocean lover, salted water doesn´t alter the quality. For me this one is the perfect sun screan.



all-purpose aloe vera gel…

traveling steps beauty neutrogena
traveling steps aloe vera gel

I think it is handy to carry a rehydrating  Aloe Vera gel with you. If you get a rash or dry skin it works perfectly. I personally like this one made by Fruit of the Earth. It has no alcohol added, is also 100% organic and hypoallergenic. It comes in 24 oz. size, which is perfect for your carry on suitcase in the plane.

It has an extra big plus, it works as a perfect lubricating gel. You know what I mean… ?