Our article last week has arised many questions. I always say that  the Guernica painting is a very complex work of art that touches each person on a different level.  In order to go deeper in the understanding of the paintingI have put together a list of books and videos that I like, you will get a more diverse  perception of the painting.

I have also been asked about what led to the bombing, so I have attached an amazing Youtube series that will explain what was happening in Spain at that time. I really recommend you watch it if you want to  understand Guernica.

Prelude to Guernica


– In this link to the Queen Sofia Museum, you will find the preparatory sketches that Pablo Picasso did for the GuernicaTo me, the best thing about this series is that they are dated, so we can almost understand the creative process of the artist. It is almost like being there while Picasso was painting.

Pity and Terror, Picasso’s path to Guernica

This book was presented by the Queen Sofia Museum to show us the creative path that Pablo Picasso took in order to conceive Guernica. It is the explanation of the sketches that I have recommended to you.  It is not an easy book, but worth the price.

And Picasso Painted Guernica

I personally love this book by Alain Serres. It gives a deep study on Picasso, the moment when he lived and then centered in the Guernica painting.

– What represents Spanish passion more than flamenco music? The answer has to be flamenco in front of the Guernica Painting. This was a tribute to the painting on its 80th birthday. The singer is a very young artist called Rosalia. At this moment she is Spain’s number one cultural ambassador.

Spanish civil war


The face of warMartha Gellhorn

Martha Gellhorn is considered to be one of the best war correspondents of all time. In this Book, she writes about the civilians who have suffered in wars, starting from the Spanish Civil War.


– This is an exceptional 6-episode series explaining the Spanish civil war. This TV series really shows you how the Spanish Civil War started and how General Franco got so much power. It should be mandatory in all Spanish highschools.