Before I start with this post, I want to make clear where I stand regarding Spanish Monarchy, so please don´t take it as this is the only point of view, this is just my POV. I personally support 100% our Royal family, this doesn´t mean that I believe they have things they can and should fix.


Here we go!

The future of the Spanish monarchy has been the subject of much debate and speculation in recent years. The current King of Spain, Felipe VI, has been on the throne since 2014, following the abdication of his father, King Juan Carlos I. By the way, here in Spain we do not crown our monarchs, like the British do, we enthrone them.

Spanish monarchy remains “more or less” as a popular and respected institution, but there are concerns about its future, particularly considering recent political developments and changing attitudes among younger generations.

The biggest political threat at this moment for the royal family is that our Socialist Government has been forced to ally with the extreme left party to be in power. This political party, called Unidas Podemos, are 100% republican, meaning that they hate the crown.

On the other hand, according to recent polls, many young Spaniards are in favor of a republic. They question the relevance of any monarchy in a modern, democratic society. Questions such as:

– How much does it cost?

– What do they really do?

– Is their job relevant at all?

– Is blood lineage really a thing on the XXI century?


To top all of this, another challenge for the monarchy is its association with scandals and controversies. In recent years, there have been several scandals involving members of the royal family, including former King Juan Carlos I, who was forced to abdicate amid allegations of corruption, as well as some sexual scandals. To tell you the truth, his extra marital affairs has been a funny joke since he was crowned in 1975. Let´s face it, he is a Borbon, and I think we would all have been disappointed if he didn´t have mistresses. By the way, former Queen Sofia had her share of lovers too.

Despite these challenges, there are many who believe that the monarchy can continue to play a positive role in Spanish society. Proponents of the monarchy argue that it provides stability and continuity in times of political change, and that it can serve as a unifying symbol for the country.

In the short term, it is likely that the monarchy will continue to function as it has in recent years, with King Felipe VI carrying out his duties and representing Spain both domestically and internationally. However, the long-term future is less clear.

Let me go over the things I believe “damage” or “work in favor of” Spain´s royal family.

Let´s start with five of the things I believe they need to fix:

  • If they want to attract the younger generation, they need to work better their social media and show us what they do.
  • We need to have access to their working agenda. People want to know what they do with the money we pay them.
  • This might sound hard, but I believe they should put the curtain down to the former royal family. To many lovers, too many brothers in law….
  • Our former Queen Sofia should try not to overshadow our Queen Letizia. When they are in public Sofia wants to behave as the hostess, and sorry to tell but it is not your job anymore. You are just the ex-Queen.
  • Our Queen Letizia needs to loosen up. She is always very professional, proper, and super tight. We need to see her human side. Society needs to connect emotionally with the royal family.


Now let me share my five issues that work in favor of the Crown:

  • In the Royal lineage, our next Royal will be a QUEEN and not a King. This is something that young people value a lot, the last time we had a woman as head of the Royal Family was at the beginning of the nineteenth century, with Isabel II.
  • Spain´s Royal Family has a very close relationship both with the Middle East Royal families and with most of South and Central American mandataries. This helps a lot with commerce with those countries.
  • Our Royals are the cheapest ones in Europe, they cost us 8,5 million Euros. This is peanuts compared to the 15 million of the Swedish, 24 million of the Norwegian and of course it is nothing compared to the 400 million euros that the British Royal Family costs to the UK.
  • All our official Royal family (King, Queen and the two Princesses) are mega well prepared. They all speak several languages, they are top in protocol, they know how to communicate in public. They really represent Spain very well.
  • This might sound a bit conceited, but they are all very good looking. Our 55-year-old King is 6,4 feet tall, handsome and has a charming personality. Our Queen is always perfectly groomed, she follows fashion without being a fashion victim. Finally, our princesses (Leonor 17 and Sofia 15) are two young women who are bringing a new air to the institution.

So, as you can see, the future of the Spanish monarchy is uncertain. Personally, as I said at the beginning of this post, I really hope they know how to modernize the institution and keeps on representing my country in the same quality standards as they have done till now, but with a modern touch.