The Camino de Santiago is one of the most popular Christian pilgrimages in the world.

As we are based here in the Camino, we are covering many of the most iconic cities in this spiritual path. We want to share with you all the videos we have done so far. We hope you enjoy them!

By the way, if you are interested in doing a Camino tour in person, contact us, we have an amazing tour that covers all the Camino in Spain.


Camino- Pamplona’s Cathedral

When pilgrims reach Pamplona, they see from the distance the gothic silhouette of the Cathedral standing proud on top of the ramparts. This temple has witnessed Coronations and Royal burials, has been the home for Bishops and Saints. Even Victor Hugo felt in love with its majesty. 

If you have a chance to visit Pamplona, don´t be foolled by its facade, once you walk inside you will discover a magnificent temple. And don´t forget to visit the cloister. It is considered to be the best Gothic one in the world!

Camino- Pamplona’s Cathedral

Camino- Puente la Reina

Have you ever wondered where all the different routes that start in every corner of Europe get together? The answer is at the entrance of Puente la Reina. Today it is a small village, but in the middle ages it was the center of Europe. To commemorate this the Queen Toa of Navarra ordered the construction of the bridge that gives name to the village. Puente la Reina means the bridge of the Queen.

Camino- Estella

It is said that the Camino to Santiago is marked by the stars in the Milky Way. All along the Camino we will find many references to the stars. The village of Estella is one of those references. Estella is the ancient word for Estrella, that means Star.

Camino- Viana

Pilgrims used to say “Con pan y vino se hace el Camino” that means “With wine and bread you walk the Way” Well Viana sure knows this well, it is the home of some of the best bread in Spain and is the land of Rioja wine. Do we need any other excuse to visit Viana? What about if I tell you that Cesar Borgia is buried here?

Camino- Sangüesa

The pilgrims who cross the Pyrenees mountains through Canfranc will be welcomed in Navarra by this incredible village. In Sangüesa you will find one of the most breathtaking Romanesque church facades in Spain.

Camino- Logroño

Today we are visitine Logroño, the capital city of LA RIOJA wine region.This will be the first stop of the pilgrims on their way to SANTIAGO out side of NAVARRA.